S'more squares recipes

I did not come up with this recipe if you want to see the original post/recipes: S'more cookies by The Girl Who Ate Everything

But I did try it, and it would have been better if I used a cookie dough that I knew and trusted but... my kids and I love it anyhow. Here is what you will need.

Hershey's chocolate
Mini Marshmallows
Cookie mix (premade or homemade)

First thing is first preheat to 357 degrees. Then make your cookie dough. Like I said I used a premade mix. I picked one out that I had never used before... not really smart. Ok it was not bad I just needed two bags next time. Mix a few mini marshmallows into your cookie mix. You don't want to over do it or you will have more marshmallows then cookie. Then line out your gramcrackers onto your cookie sheet.

Once you have your crackers layered out add about a small spoon full of cookie marshmallow dough on each square. Push the dough down with your finger just a little so it stays onto the crackers.

Then bake for 5 minutes and pull them out, just so you can add the Hershey's pieces. I broke mine in half. You don't have to if you want more chocolate on yours. 

Then put it back into the oven for 5-7 more minutes. 

This is how mine looked when it came out. Not very pretty but really good.

Kid approved!


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