3 Pack Unisex Pacifier Clips #savvybaby

I have found that I love Pacifier clips for more then just pacifiers. I got mine from SavvyBaby and I just love them. They work with the pacifiers I am ready have as well as some of this toys.

We just about always have one attached to him down. But for sure at night. That has been a HUGE help. I got tired of trying to find his pacifier in the dark. The only bad things about it.... and it is not their fault its a baby fault... my baby is a grabber and he loves to grab the pacifier clip and pull the pacifier out of this mouth!

As you can see we put it on his sleeve and it works great! 

This really is a must have if you are going anywhere with your baby. A great way to no only lose the pacifier but also any toys!


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