A day in the life of Katie

Well I have been back about a month now. And I sure did forget how busy keeping a blog up can be. I did get a great new blogger friend and I hope you all like her. She knows so much about cloth diapering that I am sure you all will learn something that will help you. My little rug rats are getting big. My baby is 4 months now and over 18 lbs! He sleep well at night, not great but not bad. We co bed at times. He as his crib right next to my bed, so when he wakes up at night I feed him in bed with me. And if I am awake enough when he is done I move him back.

Logan is sleeping a lot. So you know what that means... yep he must be gowning. He is 2 1/2 now and talking up a storm! Here you can see he was so tired he had a car crash and passed out there on the floor!

Then there is my big boy Aiden. He is going to be starting Kindergarten in 3 weeks! Yes he is my goof ball and loves to dress himself. His and Noah have a special bound and he can always make Noah smile.

Other then that life is good right now. Not much going on other then getting ready for school time.

I hope you all keep following us. Thank you all for the support you give.


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