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I  have hit a point in my life where I look at myself and think, I need to work out. For a few reasons, one is I have three kids and I need to get my stamina up. Two is of course I want to lose some of the baby weight. So anything that can help get me moving is great. So I have ups and downs about this next review. It is the Air Bar Exercises. When you first look at this cover your like wow a workout with a bar, that's different. And then you look at the girl and think, yeah I can look like that if I try hard.

So I started to look at the DVD more and realized it did not come with a bar....? Well when you start the DVD she tells you to go to a hardware store and get a 3 ft wood bar.... I used my broom handle. I feel like this DVD is made more for beginners, and not people who are trying hard to get muscles. It is a great cardio workout. 

Air Bar Exercises is a low impact so you are not really sweating and tired at the end, but you get your body moving and blood flowing. I guess the point I am trying to get at is, if you are trying to get your fitness level up then this is for you. But if you already workout this is not going to be really good. 


Ashley Nolan said…
I'm looking to get my body back to shape, this looks like fun!

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