AlphaShades Car Windshield Sunshade #AlphaShadeCarSunshade

Summer time means hot hot cars, and I don't know about you but I have had to use oven mitts to drive a car. I have gotten a sun visor before, they are ok. It more just helps to keep the sun out and not so much the heat. I hate the prefold ones, they feel like foil and so when you take it down you have burn your hands on it, and some of the round fold up ones are a pain to fold up right.

When I first go my windshield from AlphaShades I was worry that it was not going to hold up. It was a round roll up one and the fabric is really light. All I have to say about that is... don't knock it till you have tired it. I live in a state where it can get as hot as 120 at times. This summer we have been sitting at about 115'. So we are really in a need for something that can keep our car cool.

Before I even tired it on my car I made sure that I could put it back! It is so easy! My husband can even do it. Now if you knew my husband you would know that is a big deal. Most of the time he gets mad at the windshields and just toss it in the back. It fit into my car fine, like all others out there you have to put the sun visors down...big deal. As for how well it keeps my car cool.... well we left a cold bottle of water in the car and went to the Children's Museum of Phoenix for the day. When we came back out the water was still cool enough to drink! 

I also did not burn my hands when putting it away. So this light fabric really helps and does the trick. It is better then any foil ones out there. I will be using every time I go out. Make sure you head over to AlphaShades and get yours.


Karen Nadeau said…
I don't have an ac in my Jeep anymore. I think this could really help.

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