Babyolas Bath Toy Organizer #icatchingprod

I am lucky that I have two bath/showers in my house. The last place I was in did not. While this might not be a big deal for other people, its a big deal for this mom with three little kids. I can't even tell you how many times I have stepped on kids toys in the tub! Yes I do put them on the ledge but they still fall! I am sure that is why we have Bath Toy Organizer for Babies and Bathroom.

This is a mesh bag, and a good size that has two suction cups to hold it up. I am sad to say this is wha my kids bath tub looked like before.

It might not look like a ton of things but it is trust me! So I tired to use the two bonus "extra stong" suction cups and they failed. I did not even have anything on it and it kept falling off. I tried with it dry, and then adding a little water and it just kept falling. As for the bag...

It fell on me twice the first time I get it up but after two days it is holding strong. I am hopping now that my kids will clean up after themselves..... hahahaha yeah right!


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