Bugzi Stroller Hooks

I had the chance to try out these cool stroller hooks by Bugzi. They come in to colors pink and grey. I was excited to try the hook style because my other stroller hooks have a clip that I always fought with to get my bag on an off. These clips go on easy with a velcro strap and the clips can move around making the perfect fit for your bag. You can double the hooks up for heavier bags but I tested it with a heavy bag and single hook and they did just fine. What my video as I show how easy it is to install the hooks, and all the different style bags I used. From my JuJuBe Be Quick to my JuJuBe BFF. 
Bugzi was great enough to share a discount code with you. Drop by Amazon to buy the clips and use the code YESMUMMY for %30 off


bdisimone said…
this is a great idea because i have so much heavy stuff, i need to get this
slehan said…
Those are very clever hooks. No more strollers for me.

slehan at juno dot com
Karen Nadeau said…
These are a really good idea! Thanks for the review. I know a few people that could use these.

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