Catch a Letter magnetic learning game from Lakeshore

It is summertime. My kids could spend hours in front of the iPad or TV. if I let them. Instead I try to find some ways that they can have fun and yet still keep their minds active. The Catch a Letter magnetic learning game from Lakeshore is perfect for them.

The set includes two magnetic fishing poles that extend to 18 1/4". Also included are 26 magnetic fish with each fish having an uppercase letter on it.  I work at a preschool and have used other magnetic fishing games before. One thing I really like about this one is that the magnet on the end of the pole is big and covered. It is not likely to come out and get lost . This is good because it will last longer and is not a safety risk.

The first few times we played this game. I just put the fish letters on the floor and let them catch them. We did it both with the letters visible so that they could get a specific letter and with the letters turned over so that they had to say what letter they found. This worked well for both my 7 year old and the 5 year old.

Next I decided to up the level of fun. Since the foam fish can float I decided to let the kids go fishing in the bathtub. The 5  year old enjoyed catching letters and telling their sounds. The 7 year old had fun spelling out names and other words with the letters. Playing in the tub gave it the added element of water play. They played for quite awhile in the tub.

Since the toy is also a magnet my kids had fun discovering other items in the house that were magnetic. They discovered that the side of the tub was magnetic so that sometimes made it difficult to catch the fish when playing with the fish in the tub.
This toy is a great way to keep kids busy and having fun while still learning. My kids both loved it.


Karen Nadeau said…
This sounds like a fun educational game. Thank you

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