Create & Design Drill Kit from Lakeshore.

My son loves to do things with hammers, screwdrivers, and basically any tool. Since he is almost 5 most of the time that requires a lot of help and supervision. I was excited to find the Create & Design Drill Kit from Lakeshore.
The kit comes with a power drill (Just add 2 "AA" batteries"), 2 drill bits, screwdriver, 170 screws, 9 3/4" plastic board and 10 double-sided activity cards.

The power drill can be used to screw the screws onto the board or to take the screws out.  Push the drill switch to the right to put the screws in and to the left to take the screws out. The screws are red, blue, yellow, green and purple.
One thing I have noticed with my kids using this is that sometimes they try to continue drilling after the screw is all the way in. It doesn't ruin anything just makes a sound with the drill. When this happens it can be a little harder for them to remove the screw with the screwdriver or drill. However both kids can use their fingers to remove any screws that they may have over tightened.
At first they just enjoyed the drill to put in the screws and take them out. They left the activity cards to the side.  I started creating simple patterns with it and then had them complete or continue my pattern. Then one day I pulled out the heart card and started making the design. After that they  also wanted to use the activity cards . My daughter decided to fill in the heart with more screws.

The product is great for helping my kids focus on something. They have to make sure that the screw is straight when they go to screw it in.
I love the concepts that this product teachers. It helps with fine muscle control, focus, sorting,  patterning, helps them with basic graphing as they have to match the card to the same place on their board. It is simple enough that my 5 year old can use by himself yet still fun and exciting for a 7 year old.
I wish I had two of these. As soon as one child got this out to use the other one wanted it. They tried to share but both wanted to use the drill and not the screwdriver. So that made sharing a little difficult.

We love this product and use it quite frequently.


Dale Hunsberger said…
This is just too darn cute! I'm going to be a grandma again and this can go on my Xmas list! Thanks for the review!
Susannah said…
This is so cute! I'm sure Caleb would love something like this when he's older. :-)
Karen Nadeau said…
This is really nice for the kiddos. Thanks for sharing.

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