ELIMISCAR™ Facial Care Kit #Giveaway #elimiscar

Well I have used this twice now. As you might have seen from my video! But I have done it all over my face and then a face mask. My skin is so much smoother and clearer now. If you want to know more about it watch the video. I hope my winner feels the same about it. I love my Elimiscar.

Kit includes:
1 x Elimiscar Dermaroller – This derma roller guarantees premium quality. It can last longer than other derma roller brands and high-grade medical type needles will not easily get blunt no matter how rough or ragged the skin surface.
2 x Vitamin C Serum –   absorbs quickly and can be used for daily moisture, as a skin treatment or whenever dull tired skin needs refreshing. High in antioxidants vital for cell regeneration, this potent serum revitalizes and provides anti-aging protection.


desitheblonde said…
this would help me i moved and stressed out and then not takeing care of things i am suppsoe to
Ashley Nolan said…
This would work wonders for my face, I have some scaring from acne when I was younger.
latanya t said…
This would be nice for scars on my knee
Cara Kirkland said…
This would be perfect for multiple uses from body to face.
Helen Bush said…
I would love to try this out
Silvia Jacinto said…
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