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Well this week I have done much better at watching what I eat.... ok yesterday was bad.... really bad. But in my defense my mom was in heart surgery... She is ok and I will explain what she had later and it was not open heart surgery. I had two hot n spicys and 4 cake pop. The cake pops was because my kids did not want to eat their and I did not want to wast it. Yes I am sure that is one of out big problems as a mom, we eat out kids food they don't eat. I know I need to stop that. Anyhow I have not been able to get a gym member ship yet. With Noah being so small I don't want to call 48+ hours ahead of time to get him in. So I have been trying to do some workouts at home. If you remember I did a review on an app called Sworkit. They are my favorite so far. I also tried a new site Jarilove on-demand and they do have some great tips on there. Such as healthy recipes, fitness tips, what to eat before a workout and more.

If you are planing to workout with this program then make sure you have everything you need.... I only have 5 lb dumbbells. She wants you to have dumbbells and barbells and a step up things.... Not really something an advantage person has in their home. I get that you need weights to really get ripped and lost weight fast. But I feel like this is s video that should be played at the gym in a class where they have everything you need. Dose not really feel like a any time way where workout thing. Now don't get me wrong the workouts are great but only if you can really do it.

I also had a hard time finding the video on my phone, it is not every mobile friendly but once I did I was able to put it on cromcast and view it on my TV. What I wish she had as a workout for home, as in no equipment! 


Karen Nadeau said…
Looks like it would be a good workout. I would have to go out and get some dumbells though. Thank you.
slehan said…
No smartphone so I don't do apps. I swim 3 times a week.

slehan at juno dot com
bdisimone said…
I need to try this i have gained so much weight !

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