Garcinia Cambogia

I had heard good things about Garcinia Cambogia before. A friend had taken them and had great results.But I have always been scared to take any diet or appetite suppressing pills because I was scared they would make me sick or give me the jitters. I also didn't have a lot of weight to loose so I wasn't sure I really needed anything. But I kept seeing things pop up about Garcinia Cambogia and figured I would give it a try. I took two pills with 8oz of water as directed about 30 minutes before I ate. I ate my dinner as normal, but this time I didn't feel like going back for seconds. I noticed I felt better and ate less without feeling hungry. I didn't get sick or jittery and lost the last 5lbs I had been struggling
 with. If you want to learn more about this product check it out on Life & Food. Pick your bottle up on Amazon.


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