Glow stick fun

We are all adults until someone pulls out the glow sticks! Well I least I know I am. My sons and I love glow sticks. It is a great way to keep an eye on your kids in the dark and for them to have fun.

We got 100 glow sticks on amazon and they where only $11.95. Most of the time you have get one or two glow sticks at the dollar store, so this is a KILLER deal. We have used about have and have only found one or two sticks that where duds.

Aiden likes to play with them during the day too. Which is fine because they are so good that they do glow during the day. 

Halloween is only 3ish months away?! I am hopping to save a few for then and if now oh well I guest for $11.95 I can buy another set of 100! 

Oh I forgot to tell you they come with 100 connectors too so you can make bracelet and necklaces.


Samantha Mills said…
Oh my gosh. That is awesome. Now I totally want to get some for next 4th of July, and for this Halloween too. Thanks for letting me know that you can get so many glow sticks for such a great deal. I used to love glow sticks when I was little (though of course I was lucky to get one or two), and I know my little man is going to have so much fun when I get him some of these.

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