Jackpot Candles #review and link to the #giveaway

Its summer time, the means, watermelon, Georgia peaches, Pina Coladas and oceans breezes...and that is just to name a few candles! I know what you where thinking. You where thinking of things you could eat and feel. Well If you are not near a beach don't worry Jackpot Candles has you covered. Just light one of their candles, close your eyes and imagine your there. Ok sure there is nothing like really being there but this could be the next best thing.

Aright here is what I really think... by the end of this year I am going to own every candle they make. Oh and tarts. Yes they are just that good. When I got my Ocean Breeze I was to excited to light it and get to my ring, but after a few minutes I fell in love with the smell of it. I had it burning on and off for two almost three day, not just because I wanted to get to the ring but also because i love the smell of it.

One big thing I like about this candle is that when the wax melts is melts it all. Have you ever had a candle where the wax only melts right where the wick is and then you have this big hole in the candle? I know I have. I also love the blue color that it turns when melted.

OK so at the end of the second day of my Ocean Breeze not only did my whole house smell great, but I found my ring. Ok well I had to fish it out a little because I did not want to wait. And here it is in all its glory! The stone is more pink then you see here. It looks darker, more like a bubble gum or a cotton candy pink. The ring feels "heavy" you can tell its not "cheap". When you open your ring/ear ring/ or necklace there is a tag on it that has a code so you can get it appraised. Mine ring can out to be about $20! not bad.

OH Oh I just found talked to my sister who bought one from a different company and here is one other thing I love about JackPot Candles... they let you chose your ring size! Ha! That is kind of a no brainer, who would want a ring that does not fit?

I have had it on for a full 24 hours now and it is not turning my finger green so that is a good sign to. It does seam after looking at some of the other ring people have won that this setting is common but the gemstone is different. I think it is beautiful so I don't mind. Now that you know would you like to win one? Sure you would! Just CLICK HERE and head over to summer dreaming blog hop.


Karen Nadeau said…
I would really love to try these. What an awesome idea. Thank you for what you do.
This is awesome!!!! How fun!! I want to try this!
Enjoy Freebies said…
Those look really cool. I've never heard of that candle before. I will have to check it out. Do they only give rings or do they have other prizes you can get?
Enjoy they do rings, ear rings and necklaces
Maryann said…
Those look fun and certainly sound like they smell amazing!
Trisha Lozano said…
These always look so fun and if I can find one here I really want to try it out! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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