Kavazzio Hot Chocolate Powdered Mix #Kavazzio

Who doesn't love hot chocolate?! Even during the summer time. I got married late August and it was hot! But the morning of my sister and I still went and got our hot chocolate. My son love to have it in the mornings so I am always on the look out for a good deal on hot chocolate. When I first saw the can I was thinking... oh great its thick its going to be like drinking liquid melted chocolate. While some people like that, I like smooth milky hot chocolate. And Kavazzio it was smooth and creamy and mmmmm... Sorry I'll be right back I have to go make me a cup this morning!

Ahhhh much better! Ok where were we? Oh yes the review. Kavazzio Hot Chocolate Powdered Mix comes in a 1 lbs can and you get 2 can per order. The chocolate is sweet and creamy without needing any creaming in it. Most of time I do add some creamer for extra flavor but I have not needed to do that with this one it has great flavor all on its own.

Not only do they make good hot chocolate but they also make really good Cappuccino Powdered. 

The price is a good deal too for two 1lb pound cans its $9.25. I think that is going to be my go to hot chocolate for now on. 


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