Metallic Tattoos - Mermaid Edition #flashtattoos

As a kid growing up I have always loved getting temporary tattoos. But as an adult its not really that cute anymore, even though I still like it. That is when you get Metallic Tattoos. I got this really cute mermaid set off of amazon for a little over $11. There where 5 sheet inside too. They work just like normal temporary tattoos, you cut the one you want out, take the plastic off, and then apply a damp wash cloth over it. Simple enough.

The only thing I was really worried about was, was it going to look cheap and how long will it take to come off? When my husband first saw it on the papers he thought it looked cheap and dumb, but once I got the necklace one on he really like it. It was a great way to add a little funk to my outfits.

My sons even liked putting them on.

They have rings and arm bands. To get them off was not that bad ether. They said you can add some baby oil and take it off that way. I just took a really warm shower and it just washed right off. My boys ask for more almost every day! I love them.


slehan said…
I think they would be fun to wear. I like the metallicness of them.

slehan at juno dot com
bdisimone said…
i have always wanted to try these they look so pretty !
Karen Nadeau said…
These are real nice! I would wear them next time I go out dancing.
tisonly143 said…
I am loving these, I love to get crazy once and awhile and why not,, These would be great for a party or even party favors also :)

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