Spiralizer Set by ELACRA #Spiralizer #review

I have a thyroid problem and because of it I should go gluten free. But it has been really hard for me. I love my pasta and breads. I have also been needing to eat more veggies. My boys eat bell peppers like they are apples! So how do I eat less gluten and more veggies? Well I did like most people do.... I pinterested it! I found a ton of great way to use zucchini as pasta. But how do you cute it? 

You get this fun tool it is a Elacra Spiralizer. That means it cuts them into noodle shape/size from your veggies. So now I can make some of the great looking zucchini pasta. It also came with a peeler in case you don't like to eat the peels of things, and a knife. 

Its not bad, like all pasta peelers I have seen like this you are going to get a little "stump" of the veggie on the end, but you can just cut that up and add it on top. You can do something simple as some light garlic and butter and shrimp. While it may not be real pasta it still has helped me. I like it. It is really easy to clean too. The price for it is great too. You can buy it from Elacra Spiralizer on Amazon for about $15 not to bad!


Karen Nadeau said…
This sounds like something I would try. Thank you and I think my girls would like it too. They love garlic.

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