Stainless Steel Coffee Mug by VanDay #VanDaySteelMug

I love mugs. I don't know any other way of saying that. I think I have like 10 and I am always at stores looking for more. I am not a coffee drinking I am a hot chocolate drinking. One mug I have never thought about getting before was a stainless steel mug. VanDay makes this really light weight nice mug. When I first got it the handle feels a little odd. You would think it needs a thicker on but it holds up fine.

One thing I like, and it might seam vain but I can see myself in the cup. This is great in case you have something on your face when your drinking lol. The mug is light weight and really keeps your drink hot. 

I had made some hot cappuccino one morning and it was hot (like burning hot) for over an hour. Cleaning the cup was easy too. I have hand washed it as well as putting it in the dishwasher with no problem. 

I like my Stainless steel coffee mug and will be using it a lot. 


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