Want long hair? try #Hairextensions

I have always wanted long hair, well that is until the summer comes around and then I want to cut it all off! So once I cut it off I want it long again. I also want to add a fun color to my hair, like purple! But I am not sure where to start with Hair Extensions. There are so many types and then the colors and if you want it straight or wavy or whatever. How do I start, where do I start? Then head over to UU Hair Extensions They sell a ton and if you are not sure what color would work best just send them an email. Their customer service is great! Here is a blah picture of me and my hair now without any extensions in it. Yes it is curled a little from yesterday but not much. My hair is kind of a brownish redish color. I was unsure of what color would look good for me so I email UU Hair Extensions and they told me to go with an Ash Brown, and the color is almost right one. Theirs is a little more blond while mine is more red. But unless you are really looking for it you can't tell.

Putting the clips in where really easy to do. The site does tell you set by set how to put them in too. I however youtubed someone else doing it. It took me about 10 maybe 15 minutes to do it the first time but now it takes me less then 5. Here is what my hair looks like once it is all in.

As you can tell it is much longer. I can even ware it half up without anyone seeing the clips. The extensions are real hair, and feel great. But here is the thing.... I still want to add some purple to my hair! So I am having my hair styles (a good friend of mine) come over in a few days and she is going to add purple to the tips.

Make sure you watch my video to see more about the hair and come back next week to see my new purple extensions. Oh and my hair was kid tested! 


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