Coloring is not just for kids anymore.Sometimes mommy needs a break and breaking out some pens and coloring can be very relaxing. AmazaPens are non toxic and acid free. So you don't have to worry about your beautiful artwork fading or yellowing over time. Use for scrapbooks, baby books or even share with your kids.

The 24 Gel ink pack has 6 pastel, 6 neon and 12 glitter pens. The Glitter are my favorite, it is a super fine glitter so it leave a shimmer to your work. Unlike other glitter gel pens that have large chucks of glitter that just clog up the tip. Speaking of the tip, these pens are super smooth, the roller ball never gets stuck so you don't have gaps or missing spots of ink.

The pens also have a rubber grip making it comfortable to use them for longer periods of time. So break out a coloring sheet or let your imagination run wild. This full rainbow of colored pens opens the door to coloring fun. With 40% more ink your fun wont stop anytime soon.


Melissa Storms said…
I think I need these and a couple grown up coloring books too.

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