Can we talk about sleep?

As a mom sleep is my biggest battle. My two year old autistic son NEVER sleeps, well he does but its a very limited amount of time. So what does that mean for me, I'm a sleep deprived zombie. I reach for my caffeine during the day to stay awake. But when night hits and my son finally falls asleep I still have that caffeine working. So I finally get a chance to sleep and my body doesn't want to. Its a cycle a lot of moms deal with. Trying to find a solution to the problem kept leading me to sleeping pills. Which I didn't want to take, I hate taking unnatural things, I hate the thought of being so knocked out that I won't wake up in the night if my child needs me. I'm sure we have all heard the horror stores of people taking that certain prescription sleeping pill and sleep walking, driving, going about their day. I can't have that. So in my search for something natural I found Berry Sleepy this all natural sleep aide helped me fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed, without feeling drugged. They come in a single use pack so its easy to grab a pack and take with you for travel.

The pills are of average size so no choking down horse pills. They did not leave any after taste or cause any stomach discomfort. These are now a must have item in my home for when I need that extra help falling asleep. If you want to try them for yourself you can get them here.


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