Child Safety Locks

Being the mother of an autistic two year old child safety locks save my sanity and keep Chris safe. 
I use them to keep him out of things that could hurt him, but also to keep him from making a mess.  Because he love to move things, hide them, and explore anything he can reach. But some things are impossible to secure. I have this cute behind/above the toilet cabinet. The problem was I could not find any way to keep Chris out of it. 

So when I found the MommyTLC Multi purpose locks I was excited. The part about the lock I was most excited for was how they installed. The lock installs with a 3M adhesive sticker. So they can be used in places where other locks do not work. I questioned how well a sticker would work but I was desperate for a solution. Install took maybe 30 seconds. I have had the lock in place for over a week and Chris just poked at it once. The sticker is still firmly in place, even after getting into the cupboard multiple times.

To open the lock you flip up the cover. 

The center part pulls out. You can open on the left or right side. 

As you can see the white caps stay in place and the center part can come all the way off. This is convenient if you needing to get in the location for a long period of time and don't want the lock in the way. 

The only place you can not use this lock is on an oven. The heat of the oven can damage the lock and keep it from working correctly.

Because I am a busy mom living in a small town I get everything from Amazon. (Got to love that prime 2 day shipping) 

Get your Mommy TLC locks HERE 
(link because it's easier then searching)


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