What is a CUBEzie you ask? They are a 6x6 in square plush toy. They come in 7 different cuddly friends. They are more then just a stuffed animal, they are an education toy, teaching from motor skills to creativity. These cuddly CUBEziezs can be use in many different ways, so they can grow with your child and always be a favorite toy. Give your CUBEziez a hug, feel the different textures, stack them, working on balance as you get higher. Use them to build a fort or decorate your room, the ideas are limitless, Challenge your child's imagination! Oh NO! Your CUBEziez buddy got all messy in your fun adventures, not to worry they are machine washable! 

 Hoozy & Beezy came home to be Chris' friends, they quickly became best friends. He had a blast looking each over, touching their eyes, feeling Beezy's wings. Next he explored stacking them, but his favorite part was knocking them down.

 He was so proud to show his Dad how he could stack he new friends. 

I was very impressed with the quality, they did not have a weird smell like some stuffed toys do. The fabric and stitching were great quality, no fear of them falling apart after a few days. The colors were vibrant and cube was firm enough to stack but soft enough for rough play without fear of a boo-boo.

Chris doesn't know it yet but Mommy and Daddy will have to get him the rest of the CUBEziez family for Christmas. 

Now the most important part. Where do I find CUBEziez?

Buy the full set her for a discount and free shipping.

or on

from the makers of CUBEziez Natestoys,

After seeing those giggles how can you not love CUBEziez

Which CUBEziez buddy is your favorite?

Watch for Katie's review of CUBEziez and special surprise. 


Sarh Snarski said…
These definitely sound awesome! I love that different aged children can do/use them for various things.

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