DiamondTab Dry Erase Board #review and #giveaway

I love having Dry erase boards, they are a great way to keep track of things you need to do without wasting paper. I have two now one I use as a calendar, and one that I use as my motivation wall. But before I could use it as a motivation wall I used the dry erase board to take a picture of my son on this first day of school. The Dry Erase Magnetic White Board I got is 11 x 14 Inches and it comes with a marker and Eraser, 4 Magnets and Mounting H/W by DiamondTab. When we opened for the first time my son wanted the jewels that came with it. He saw them before I could even pull it all out!

I can tell you a ton of reason and ways to use a dry erase board, as a busy mom I need it to help remind me that I need to get something or do something. But like I said right now I am using my dry erase board for a motivation wall.

I wake up and every morning I see this and remind myself that I can do it. And as my day changes or I think of new thing I can add and erase what I need to. You can use your for memos or write love notes to someone. 

DiamondTab dry erase board comes with one pen, 2 magnets , and 2 jewel magnets. We would love for you all to win one!


Terri said…
I would use this dry erase board to keep track of daily events, appointments, list items to get at supermarket and a daily hello/smile to my family members. :-)
Melissa Storms said…
I would use this to keep on top of daily chores.
There are so many uses for a dry erase board! What I need right now is an easily erasable practice writing and math board because the kids get frustrated when they mess up. I think being able to erase and fix the letter, word, or problem they are practicing would help them move on.
Michele P. said…
I would use this board to keep track of chores, appointments and messages to other family members.
I'd use it to post my kids schedule for the week. So hard to keep track of soccer and other events.
Laurie Murley said…
I would use it for acitvites and school functions

carolwegs said…
I would love to give this to my daughter to hang by her new desk. Thanks for the chance
Tonya H said…
we would use this board to keep up with daily appointments, soccer schedules and our busy lives,

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