Dirty cloth diapers? Where do I put them?

One of the questions I am always asked about my cloth diapers is where I put the dirty ones. 

At home they go in this. My dirty diaper solution is a cheap Walmart kitchen trash can and a planet wise pail liner. 

This lets the diapers get some air, keeping them from getting funky smelling, but keeps the pee smell contained to the bin.

When it is wash day I can take the whole bag right to the laundry room. I keep a second pail liner in hand so it can go in the bin when the other is being washed.

Now the question is, what about when I'm not home. Wet bags! They are the same waterproof fabric as your diaper and pail liner, some are printed with a design, others have a decorative fabric over top. They come in different sizes to fit your needs. 

The small one on top fits one diaper, the bottom one fits a day trips worth. 5-6. It is also a wet dry bag. Meaning there is one pocket for wet diapers and a second pocket to put dry items in. 

Some wet bags even come with a strap that can be attached to things. I use mine to attach to the outside of my diaper bag when the wet bag is getting really full. 

The nice part about wet bags is they are not just limited dirty diapers. When you go to the pool and have wet swimwear, a wet bag is the perfect way to get it home. No more need for plastic grocery store bag that leaks. Potty training accident? Vomit? Disposable diaper blowout? Keep a wet bag in the car for those unexpected messes. Long after your cloth diaper days, or for non cloth families wet bags are very handy.


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