Fitted diapers

My best night time and nap solution for cloth diapers is a fitted diaper and wool cover. A fitted diaper is a very absorbent diaper normally made of 100% natural fibers. (Please do not use bleach on natural fiber diapers, because it will wear your diaper out faster and can cause holes.) The catch with fitteds is they have no waterproof layer. So they need to be paired with a wool or PUL cover. During the day at home we use a fitted diaper with no cover or pants, when the diaper is wet you can feel it on the outside. This is good for a few reasons, you can know the diaper is wet and change it right away. You also don't have to worry about heat rashes because the diaper has air flow. Sloomb|sustainablebabyish is my favorite brand of fitted diapers. They come in several styles and sizes.

Above are OBF's (overnight bamboo fleece) As you can see the diapers vary in size, from left to right the sizes shown are xs, m and L. This allows you to get the perfect fit for your child without extra bulk. When your child grows out of a size you can save, sell or trade your diaper.

Sizes are listed on a tag on the bum.

OBF's have snaps so they are easy to put on and off.

The insert snaps in place.

You can fold the insert different ways to fit your child's needs. Having a boy who sleeps on his tummy I fold one side so there are 3 layers of insert in the wet zone.

The insert come out making washing easy. 

This is a Velour Happy little cloud. They come in two sizes and are super soft. The fold down rise give you a little more wiggle room in sizing. The inserts are the same as an OBF.

The OBF on the left has a serged edge and the Happy Little Cloud has a turned edge. 

Next is the snapless diaper, it comes in terry or velour finish and in Mini ( great for newborns) or OS ( one size)

These diapers give you the most flexibility with sizing but need to be held shut with a diaper pin or snappi. 

The rise can be folded down to get the prefect fit. 

You can even get other fabric types like hemp for very heavy wetters.

Bellow are different brand fitteds, some work great for daytime but don't last the night.

Last we will talk about zombie fitteds. These are diapers that just won't die. They have holes but still hold the pee. This diaper I bought used and Chris has worn it for two years and it may be ugly but it still works great.

This is a PUL cover you can use when you want the diaper to be waterproof.

But my love is WOOL 💕

As you can see they come in several styles and lots of color choices. Watch for my up coming blog on Sloomb|Sustainablebabyish wool. I will talk about how to care for your wool. Sloomb was even great enough to give me a product to share. That's right there is going to be a giveaway. So don't miss the Sloomb|Sustainablebabyish wool post.


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