Flexible tripod for your smartphone

I love love LOVED my Flexible tripod for your smartphone I used it all the time! I don't have a good video camera and tripod. So I use my cell phone, which really has a great 16 mp on it. So its not bad but I am always having to find a day to prop my phone up so I can do video reviews. GOMA Industries has this really cool tripod for smart phones and GoPros.

Now I can hang this on almost anything and get some great pictures and video reviews! However I have used it so much that it broke. After about a month of using it almost every day. Here is what it looked like when it worked. It stood up great! However it never did hold my phone right it always leaned a little this way or that. It never held it really tight into place.

I was using it one day and bent the legs and next thing I know I heard a snap and this is what it looks like now. 

So I loved it but I loved it so much it broke. If you are planning on getting one ether don't use it like I did or find a better brand!


Jenna H said…
This would be a nice stocking stuffer. Not to expensive and perfect for the tech savvy person.
Jay said…
This is really cool!

Jasmine P
Elisabeth said…
I appreciate the honest review!
Karen Glatt said…
What a great way to use my Smartphone and have the Flexible Tripod where I need it. I would love to get one of these. Maybe for Christmas!
CindyWindy2003 said…
What a great desing with those flexible arms, you can take a picture on just about anything.

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