FSL Patriot Electronic Earmuff For Shooting #FSLPatriotElectronicEarmuff

OK I have to say that I did not review this. Well not me but my brother did. I wanted to go shooting with him but something came up. So I asked him to tell me how he likes his new FSL Patriot Electronic Earmuff. My brother loves to go shooting, and due to his line of work he needs to train with them often.

If you have ever gone shooting you know that you need to protect your ears. What I love about this head set is that not only does it block the sound of the gun but it has a mic so you can hear quieter sounds. This is what my brother said about it.

"I recently had the opportunity to test out the EN352 HH-100k from Future Sound Lab. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. I had never tested this type of equipment before. I have regular ear protection that I use on a regular basis, but nothing I have ever used was this good. I was unsure about the sound amplifier, I thought it would make the shots louder, I was wrong. They were very comfortable and I was surprised that they did not make my ears too hot. They were not uncomfortable even when I was shooting in the Arizona desert in the summer time. I would recommend that anyone that goes shooting or works around loud environments get this type of ear protection. This way you can hear all direction given to you by either supervisors or instructors."

FSL Patriot Electronic Earmuff also works up to 30 hours straight and run on standard AA batteries.


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