Glow Bug Cloth Diaper review and #giveaway 9/8

Glow Bug is another big name cloth diapering place. You can get everything from pocket diapers to all in ones to even diaper sprayers. I have come to really love Glow Bug diapers for a few reasons. First of all they have a ton of really cute styles you can pick from. I got this really cute submarine one.

This happens to be a pocket diaper, mean that is has pockets for you to slide the insert into. It also is a one side, so you can button it to fit your baby. One thing that Glow Bug does that I love so much is the inside of the diaper. It not like other diapers I have. It has elastic sown around in the middle. This helps to keep the poop into place! I have had no problems with blow outs in this diaper. I also love that with the pocket part you can pull the insert out from ether the front for back.

I have been cloth diapering on and off for almost a month now. I saw on and off because when my mom is baby sitting or when he is sleeping at night I put him in disposables. 

Just like all new cloth diapers you want to make sure you wash and air dry it a few time (3-5 times). This helps to make sure the material will absorb well. Glow Bug diapers are made of polyester and has two kind of inserts. A 70% polyester and 30% nylon or a bamboo inserts. 


Cassie said…
I would love to try out one of these diapers, pockets and AIO are the only diapers my mom will you when she watches our girls. the prefolds confuse her. they design of the inner gussett looks like it would really help with our EBF 3 month olds poos!

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