Lemon Essential Oil #Lemonoil

I love to use oils for whatever I can think of. But one of the oils that I use the most of is lemon essential oil. Think about it whenever you buy a cleaner it has lemon in it right? You can cook with it too. However you have to be very careful as to what oils you get. Some can say they are therapeutic grade when they are not. You just have to kinda know your oils and know what things smell like. Such as lemon if it really is a lemon oil is should smell like you just cut into a lemon and not like chemical. I got a Lemon Essential oil however I can tell you just from the smell that is one is not the best I have ever had.

I have an oil from a different well know company and when you open the lid it has that fresh cut lemon smell, where as this one have very little lemon smell and more of a chemical smell. because of that I would not use this on the body or in a diffuse

I have however used it as a cleaner. I have added it to my mop water. I did need to use a lot just to get some of the lemon smell to it. Bottom line is, its not bad for cleaning but that is all I would use this brand for.


Sarh Snarski said…
This is kind of funny! I just commented on your Crayola review about sunning with lemon juice, I bet lemon EO would work great as well!
Jenna H said…
I've been getting into using essential oils. I never knew all the uses for Lemon oil! Will have to pick up next.

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