MamaWay Baby Sling

I love baby wearing, I have worn Chris from the day he was born. Even at two and a half I still wear him. Sometimes you need just need to be hands free. I find wearing Chris in the grocery store makes it so much easier. No helping me add stuff to the cart or his favorite is taking stuff out of the cart and tossing it on the floor. With the MamaWay Baby sling you can keep your baby close but have your hands free to do what you need. 

The MamaWay baby sling is a ring sling style carrier so you can get a custom fit. The carrier says it is good from birth all the way up to toddlers. It does support Chris' weight but I would not want to wear him a long time in this carrier, but it is very hand for quick ups'. 

They have lots of colors and styles to choose from so you can find a sling that fits your personality. 
The rings are nylon so they allow the fabric to slide easily. But make sure you have your rings threaded correctly or you can risk the fabric sliding.

My favorite part was that it had a pocket for storage. When you are not using your sling you can fold it up nicely on itself and store it in the attached pocket. This keeps your sling clean and out of the way. 

The length of the sling makes it a great choice for most parents. I am 5'7" and about 135 lbs and holding Chris who is 25lbs I had plenty of tail left. So a larger mom or dad would be able to use this carrier too. 

Check out my short video of the MamaWay Baby Sling in action. 


Mruga M said…
It looks stunning on you Mruga
Larissa Novotny said…
I love how many ring sling options are out there besides just the Tula. Thanks for your honest opinion!

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