Salty Sweet Addiction Kettle Corn, the perfect treat

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We all need to treat our self to something sweet every now and then. My kids and I am such a sucker for pop corn and not just any pop corn but Salty Sweet Addiction Kettle Corn. It is a great salty treat with a hit of something sweet to curve the cravings. Best part for me is that it is gluten free. While I try my best to stay away from gluten my sweet tooth gets the better of me.
In fact I have had to hit it so my kids will not eat the whole thing in one sitting....I also have become a closet eater with it... Yes I hide in my pantry closet and eat it so the kids will not eat the bag. I love it... maybe to much!
Gourmet Gifter makes and sells a ton of great things for birthdays, holidays and just because you deserve a special treat just for you. You should never need a reason to buy yourself a special treat. The Salty Sweet Addiction Kettle Corn is a great price too. This bag is only $4! But during the month of August they are offering a new special deal. When you place your first order of at least $30 you will receive 3 large bags of Colby's Kettle Corn for free. Just make sure you use promo code FIRSTORDER when checking out.


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