Silicone Drying Mat

Tortuga Extra large silicone dish drying mat is a great way to clean up your counter.
 I hate clutter all over my counter top. My kitchen is just to small to have stuff all over the place. So this 17.5" x 15.75" mat is a life saver. It is silicone so I can roll it up and stick it in a drawer when not in use. I actually just leave it out, because unlike your classic dish drying solution it has a clean uncluttered look. It also can be used as a hot trivet. That's right you can put hot dishes right on the mat. So that pan that is still hot off the stove but in your way has a safe place. That dish out of the oven can be popped right on this mat. Save your counter tops and keep your kitchen looking clean. The only thing I wished is if they had color choices. Grey is the only color available, but it is a nice neutral color that can fit into any kitchen. 

As you can see the mat gives you lots of room for dishes, I could wash all my dishes for the night and have plenty of room. 

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Jenna H said…
This is such a better way than using paper towel. Plus I like to let my dishes air dry. I read that unless your using a fresh washed towel the one that was sitting out was collecting germs anyway.

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