Stainless Steel Cups

Stainless Steel Cups

Living with a toddler I have to be careful about leaving a drink around. I love the flavor of water from a glass cup but don't want to risk broken glass. Plastic is just yuck to me, I can't stand the taste of anything from plastic cups and never feel like they get really clean. So I was excited to try these stainless steel cups. They are 16oz and came in a two pack. They stack inside each other which is great for saving space. They pack well when you want to go to the park, picnic or camping. They have been though the toddler test. Chris got one of the cups from me and took it outside with him, he tossed it around, used it to dig in the dirt, and tossed it around. After a quick trip in the dishwasher the cup looked just like new. The flavor of water and drinks stays pure and clean. The size is very nice, it gives you a nice full drink with out being too big. I am very happy with the quality and thickness of the cup. So if your worried about having a cup that won't break and hate plastic cups like me, give stainless steel cups a try. Plus they have a cool look


Karen Nadeau said…
These cups sound really good. I hate the taste of plastic as well. Thanks for the review.
Jenna H said…
I really like that stainless steel cups keep my drink either hot or cold longer. Not breaking is always a plus too!

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