Stretching at home

My best friend and I take an aerial yoga class. We love it, it is our weekly mommy break. The stretching and strength training always makes us feel better. But we wanted to find a way to do it at home. Hanging a yoga hammock was not a option. That is when I found the Dance Crazy Stretch Strap.

The photo on the left is using the stretch strap, the photo on the right is with the yoga hammock. As you can see the same pose can be done with the strap but does not limit us to only using the studio. The strap can be used at home or tossed in the diaper bag and taken to the park.

The strap can also be used on the floor to do different stretches. It can be used before a work out to warm up, or after to do a nice cool down stretch routine. 


Jenna H said…
I love yoga and this seems like a fun variation. Will have to see if there is any aerial classes in my area.

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