Take music on your walk.

I love to go for a walk each night with Chris. He loves going for a ride in his stroller and could ride around for hours. Sometimes he even falls asleep. It gives me a great workout, but I get bored without my music. I have struggled with where to put my phone. If I put it in the cup holder of the stroller it rattles around and it a pain. My pants don't always have a pocket and if they do my phone can bounce out. I don't want to risk breaking my phone and hate not having my music.

I won't lie, I don't run, I hate to run. It's just not my thing. So I had never even thought of getting a runners arm band. But I told myself, I don't have to run to use it. It can and will work for walks.

The band works great, it has two different size settings so it fits both myself and my husband. It has a hole for your headphone jack, and the fabric feels great on my arm. The plastic over the screen does not keep you from using your phone, so it makes switching songs easy. 

The two cons I have of it are that you can not use a phone case with it. - I think is is my irrational fear because I live with a toddler who wants to murder my phone. The second is that the hole for the camera doesn't line up. But really I'm not using my phone to take pictures when I'm out for a walk listening to music. 

Over all I was happy with the arm band and being $7 on Amazon, Even with the cons it is a great deal. 


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