teardrop aromatherapy locket diffuse

I love essential oils. I use them for so many things but the best way I love to use them is in a diffuse. I have this one called cheer up buttercup and it really does help to keep my cool. However I wanted to find a new way to keep the smell/oil on me. So Cornucopia Brand had made this really cute teardrop aromatherapy locket diffuse. This way I can change out whatever smells I want as often as I want too. You just have to change out the pompoms.

The teardrop pendant has some really cute heart shapes on it. This also came with a chain and the chain is nice. The only thing that I would say needs to be changed is that it should be some form of glass and not sliver. 

While the sliver is really cute, the oils do eat away at it over time. Where as glass or an amber glass it does not. This pendant also comes with 4 extra pompoms so you can change out the oils that you want. Also you have to take the pendent off the chain just to change out the pompom. So this can be annoying but not a deal breaker for me.

Over all I like my  teardrop aromatherapy locket diffuse, and it makes a great gift for just about anyone. 


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