Ultra-Clean Washable Markers, a moms best friend

With school starting up this week we had a whole list of things to buy. On this list where markers. Now Aiden is 4 going on 5. He is good with markers, but little brother Logan who is two.... not so much. We have found crayons and makers all over the walls and floors before so we know we needing something that would be easy to wash off. Luckily Clayola knows this all to well. So they make some Ultra-Clean Washable Markers for moms with kids like mine! So when I got the markers in I was thinking how am I going to test this....? Do I want to tell my son that he can color on the walls just this one time? Or do I just color on the wall myself while he was sleeping and get it cleaned before he wakes up?

Well I did not have to think long on this one. We went to take a nap, Logan the baby and I. Aiden was being a good boy and playing on the iPad in his room and Ryan was in the office working. You know how they say you should always sleep when the baby does. Well if you do MAKE SURE YOUR BABY IS SLEEPING! Aiden comes in the room and wakes me up by saying, "Mommy Logan is in trouble" Boy was he ever in trouble!

On the couch (mind you I have not cleaned it in awhile)

under his office desk

all over his legs

And a little on his face! Oh brother well now was the time to put it to the test! As Ryan was dealing with him I grab a wash cloth and got it wet and went to town! The maker on the couch I had to wash a little harder, as in more presser but it came right off. Logan was told to wash the office wall down as his punishment, and that even came right off for him.

His legs where a slight tint of green but it also came off but with a little more pressure. 

So if you have a two year old in your home you should really get some Ultra-Clean Washable Markers Make sure you head over to the Back to School Giveaway Hop where you can enter to win your own Markers, you will be happy you did! 


Sarh Snarski said…
I recently scrubbed pen and marker off of our microfiber couch and then I squeezed some fresh lemon juice on the couch cushion and then put it out in the sun. Lemon squeezed on a stain and the stain being wet left out in the sun is a great technique for getting stains out! The sun acts like bleach w/o completely ruining and no harsh chemicals.
tisonly143 said…
WOW!! I am loving these, your little boy does not seem happy about you having to wash off the marker mess he made loll :) such a cutie,,,
Karen Nadeau said…
I really like these markers. If I knew about these earlier it would have saved me a lot of time cleaning. Great review.
Lauryn Rescoe said…
I am so glad that Crayola finally came up with this! I have a 6, 2, and 1 year old so it's definitely hard to let my 6 year old use markers. I will be investing in these for sure.
Helen Bush said…
this is a great idea. We all know kids love to make a mess, especially when they know we aren't looking
CindyWindy2003 said…
I'm sure my mom is wishing these had been around when my sis and I were kids, we were a mess!

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