Uv skinz guest post

Lately my kids have been outside quite a lot. It is hot and I worry about the damaging effects the sun can have on my kids and their skin. We all have light skin and tend to burn easily. I've noticed some disadvantages to using sunscreen alone. So I was pleased to try Uv skinz  with my kids.
I was sent a Sleeve Sun and Swim Shirt and matching bottoms and reversible bucket hat for my son. I was also sent a Short Sleeve Sunny Swim Shirt and matching Sunny Swim Skirt for my daughter.

When we opened the package my kids were excited to see the fun swim outfits they were sent. My son loved his blue shark shirt and shorts. My daughter was thrilled that her bottoms were a fun skirt. She also liked the butterflies on both her shirt and swim skirt. The only thing my daughter was sad about was that she didn't get sent a reversible hat like her brother did.
I choose to be sent a size 5 for my son in both the shirt and the bottom. This can be a problem as he has a  small waist and can still easily fit size 3t bottoms.  So while I was hesitant about size I decided to just keep it the same and if nothing else it would fit him eventually.  The bottom is big on him, but not so big that it falls off. I love how the waistband has an elastic drawstring that tightens the waistband. I love that it is not just decorative but functional.
Things I love about the swim shirt/bottoms
  • Modest coverage- Cute and adorable coverage for my kids. No worry about whether the suit is  showing  too much skin.
  • UPF 50+- My kids won't burn in the areas covered by the swim shirt/bottoms
  • Cute prints/styles- My kids loved how well each piece matched the other piece. Son received a cute shark print, daughter received a cute butterfly print. They have tons of other cute solids/prints available to choose from. As well as a variety of styles of protective sun gear to suit your needs
  • Perfect for splash pads, swimming, water parks, water days, and for going to/from these places. I can put my kids in these outfits in the morning and they could wear all day. No need to stop somewhere to change into a swimsuit.
  • Quick drying.
  • Chlorine and Salt water resistant
  • Comfortable. My kids both enjoyed said that these were comfortable to wear.

The reversible hat is fun too. I like how it can be worn on either the shark print side or the solid blue side. It is perfect for blocking sun from his face.  This is a perfect accessory to go along with the sun shirt/bottoms.

My kids received several compliments from family and friends when wearing their new sun gear. I love how it helps prevent missed spots of sunscreen and how these allow me to not need to use as much sunscreen on my kids. I love knowing that they are better protected from the sun.

I love how these products work for the kids. This product is a must for anyone out in the sun from babies to adults.


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