Vivree Kitchen Tongs Set

I love cooking on the grill for during the summer. It keeps the heat out of my house and adds wonderful flavor to my food. I have always used some cheap metal kitchen tongs, They were on their last leg and I was tried of getting my fingers burnt.

That's when I found Vivree Kitchen Tongs Set. The two pack tong set comes with a 9 & 12 inch tong. I got the red pair to match my kitchen but they come in black as well. They have a silicone hand grip to help keep your hands cool when cooking. I was very impressed with how sturdy they were.I could pick up heavy pieces of meat without fear of them slipping out. The locking clip on the end is very easy to use, just pull the circle tab and you are done. They withstood the heat of my grill with out any problem. Clean up was a breeze, they popped right into my dishwasher. What mom doesn't love something with easy clean up. Priced at under $13 for the two pack they are affordable on any budget, but definitely not a cheap.

I made a video going over the tongs so you can get a better idea of how they look and their great features.

Now if your saying to yourself , but I don't grill, don't worry these tongs are still great for you. Cooking on the stove, oven or just tossing a salad, they are a great size, easy to use and the silicone give you extra grip and is delicate on your food. No worries about your fish breaking apart because your tongs were too rough on it. 

Pick up a pair HERE

Tell me how you would use this tong set, I would love to hear your cooking ideas.


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