Wee Can Too Veggie Dough

Chris loves anything art, but he still likes to try to put things in his mouth. Because of this I try to keep his craft supplies as natural as possible. Wee Can Too is a great company making natural baby art supplies. Their Veggie Dough is CPSIA Compliant. Made from Organic Fruit & Vegetable powders, recommended for ages 2 and up. I does contains Gluten But does not contain: Soy or Dairy.
This dough is not made to eat but you can stress a little less if your child is like Chris and tries to give it a taste.

I hate when I buy a dough and it dries out before Chris gets to use it. That is one of the great things out Wee Can Too's dough it comes as a dry powder. Mixing the dough is easy, just add water. This even added an extra play element for Chris. He loved seen the light powder, dumping in the water and watching the color get darker as we stirred. 

The instructions say to add 2 TSP of water and more if needed. Living in hot dry Arizona we did have to add add a tiny bit extra water. About one teaspoon.

I made a little dip in the middle of the powder and gave Chris the 2 TSP of water in a small cup to add. As you can see the water makes it look different. 

After mixing it really good you can see it is a bit dry and chunky looking. That is when I added a 1/4 teaspoon of water at a time until it looked like dough.

We played with the green dough and it looked just like fresh spinach. It rolled and shaped nicely and Chris really enjoyed using tools from my kitchen junk drawer to push into the dough and see the marks it made. 

When you are done playing the dough just pops in the fridge to stay fresh. They suggest you only keep it for 2 months. Remember this is made from real food ingredients. 

Wee Can Too Veggie Dough can be ordered on their site. 



Jenna H said…
I really like that you can make it when your ready. No more dried out stuff! Also it's nice to know its not harmful if they do sneak a taste!

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