Weightlifting Workout Gloves review

As I have been working out at the gym more I have found that I need gloves. No not just to look cool, although it does make me feel kind of cool. It is so I don't get blister on my hands. As you start to lift heaver weights it can/does happen. I love pink, you don't? Don't worry they also have them in turquoise. When I got mine in I was surprised as to how light weight they where. They have mesh on the back of the glove as well as in between each finger. This helps to keep your hand cool without over sweating. The velcro is also small so it does not take up a ton of space. This makes it easier to put the glove on and lift weights with it.

The gloves are also good for when you are riding a bike or in my case driving a really hot car!

The Weightlifting Workout Gloves are also washable. RIMSports were great to work with too. They made sure that the glove would fit. They show you where you need to measure your hand to make sure you get the right size.

I love my glove and will be using them often.


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