100 Pokemon cards great for 2015 Holiday Gift guide

OK I had to add this to my holiday gift guide because my son love pokemon cards so much. I am going to show you a video and don't worry I was trying to park when I did it. I was not driving everywhere a videoing my kid...

Aiden loves getting his cards from Golden Groundhog they always have the best deal on the cards. most 10 packs are $6 at the store, this pack of 100 are only $19.99!

We where so excited to have gotten Ivysaur. It is hard to get the first 3, you know charmander, bulbasaur, and squirtle. 

We had to show some that we liked. I will be buying from Golden Groundhog again for Christmas. Thank you so much for offering great Pokemon cards at a great price.


Fiddlin' Dandi said…
This looks like something my nephew would enjoy.

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