Babywearing with Haul'A Baby wrap.

I have always worn Chris, From the day he was born till now at two and half he loves going up. I enjoy the close bond we having not to mention the ease of hands free time. Dr. Sears has a great article that goes in depth about the benefits of babywearing. You can read it here. Some of the basics are, babies that are worn cry less, learn more and mothers are less stressed. Have a toddler and a newborn? you can wear your baby and still enjoy playing with your toddler. Need to fold laundry but the baby is teething and fussy, babywearing saves the day.

I had a chance to try a Haul'a Baby wrap. It is a stretchy baby wrap, made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It is light weight but very strong. You can wear a baby up to 32lbs, That means my 26lbs two and a half year old still can be worn in it. The thing that is cool about this wrap is it can be used more then one way. It comes with plastic rings so you can use it as a hip carry ring sling style carrier as you child is older. It can be used as a pregnancy belly wrap for belly support before the baby is born. You can also use it as a postpartum belly wrap for support and comfort after delivery. You really get the most bang for you buck with this wrap because its good for more then just one thing. It comes in a grey color with a maroon/burgundy color stitching on the edge.

Chris was not feeling a photo opp, but he loves a the tight hug and playing with my hair.

Check out the videos bellow on all the ways you can use this wrap.


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