Custom Leather Jewelry Review & Giveaway

Win your own custom item by Michelle and Rob!
I had one of these leather bracelets made and couldn't be happier with it. 
Need a special gift? What a jewelry item that is special just for you. This Etsy Shop is the place to go.
Below I will go over why I love my bracelet and how easy it was to order and get my one of a kind item. Michelle and Rob want to give you a chance to have one of their items too. So you can enter to win a $30 gift card for their Etsy Store.

A quick overview of my bracelet. It is 3/4 of an inch wide, leather with a hand stamped nickle plate and a snap closure. Everything was custom made just for me. I saw one of her designs but wanted to change it up a bit and have two puzzle stamps, Michelle said no problem!  I sent my wrist measurement and it came the perfect size. Mine says Different not less with puzzle pieces. (in honor of my son Chris with autism)

My design is on nickle, you can also choose from brass or copper finish.

The metal is bent to fit the shape of your wrist so it has a perfect fit. 

It is thin so there are no sharp edges to get caught on anything or having to worry about scratching yourself with it. But it is not so thin that it bends and warps. 

The closure is a sturdy snap but they also can be made with a buckle. 
I liked the snap because its easy to get on and off myself. 

Mine has a distressed leather finish, which I love because it adds to the cool one of a kind style. There are tons of color choices so you can pick one that fits your personality. See the color choices here.

Your choices are not just limited to bracelets, Check out some of the other items available bellow. 

If you don't know what you want your item to say don't worry they have tons of items to give you inspiration. Most items run around $30 so they make a great gift idea. The quality is awesome and they are very easy to work with.  

Stop by their Etsy Shop and get one of these great items and check someone off you holiday shopping list. (these totally are going to make a great holiday gift for all those people in my life that are impossible to shop for - Yes Mom I'm talking about you)

Check out their Facebook page.

Don't forget to enter bellow for a chance to win one for yourself. 



Wow,so glad I found this shop through you! I love the wrap bracelets!

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