Get your cloth diapering on with Fuzzibunz #giveaway

Cloth diapering has been odd for me. Not that it has been hard, in fact there are a few companies out there who really go out of their way to help make it easy. I have found that I like pocket diapers the best. Pocket diapers are where there is a little pocket in the back and/or some times the front for you to put the insert in. What is a insert? An insert is what you put in the middle of the diaper to help adsorb more pee. As you can see from this picture the long cloth that is in the middle is an insert. 
This brand of diapers is from Fuzzibunz. They come in all sizes and colors. You can get them for your first year about 6-24 lbs or bigger like 10-40 lbs. While each diaper has snaps so you can adjust them to your babies needs, I have found that the 10-40 lbs ones work best for me. Then again my babies where all 8.8 lbs when born! 

As my boys have gotten older I have found that I like using cloth diapers for potty training. My 2 year old ( soon to be 3) wants to start but forgets to go potty at times. Using Fuzzibunz is a great way for him to feel like is in underwear without worrier about him peeing on the floor. Here you can see he has one his Fly Boy one size cloth diaper. He is about 33 lbs and it fit him great.

Fuzzibunz outer shell diaper is made of 100% polyester lined with polyurethane laminate and the inner lining is make with 100% polyester polar fleece. The inserts are certified 50% cotton and hemp.
All bums up to Fuzzibunz cloth diapers, I mean thumbs up! Now here is your chance to get your hands on some Fuzzibunz. One winner will get to pick out their own diaper.


Manda said…
Love the giveaway and the product.

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