How to swaddle a baby with a muslin blanket

Muslin swaddler blankets are great. I used them when Chris was tiny and he still loves them now. I wanted to show you use a Savvy Baby Swaddler to swaddle a baby. Not only are they good for to swaddle, you can lay them on the floor for a clean spot for baby to have tummy time. Toddlers love them too!

Start with the blanket folded in half. Lay baby on the center of the folded edge. 

Wrap and tuck one side. You can swaddle with arms in or out. Photos show with arms in.

Roll baby on their side to tuck the fabric behind their back.

Bring the bottom up over the feet and tuck into the top.

Pull the second side tight and roll baby to the side to tuck it behind baby.

The second side comes all the way back around leaving a long tail. You will bring this back around and tuck it into the top.

All done.

You can see how large the blanket it.

If you baby is older or taller, you can just fold down part of the blanket to give more length.

You will swaddle the baby the same way.

It is nice an thin so it is great for warm weather, or if you are worried about baby getting to hot.
Chis loves to snuggle with it at night. They wash up very soft and make a great baby shower gift.

Bellow is a quick video showing how I swaddle.


Meagan Bailiff said…
I love muslin blankets they are so soft and usually have very cute patterns.
Crafty Zoo said…
Muslin blankets are fabulous! Love your little model!
Manda said…
I love these blankets.
Fiddlin' Dandi said…
Muslin swaddles are the best and I can't get enough of them!

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