Need a good pair of sunglasses with or without Rx review and coupon

I love sunglasses, but I never seam to be able to keep them. With three boys (and I count my husband in this number) always moving things, I can never find mine. And I hate having to spend more then $15-$20 on sunglasses. Because they get lost all the time. I had mixed feeling about my sunglasses from Glasses Shop. When I first put them on it did not feel much like Sun glasses. While it did shade the sun from my eyes there was something about them that I could not put my fingers on. But I still used them every day. Then one day it hit me. Not only is it shading the sun but it feels like it is adding extra colors to things. Meaning that the sky looked bluer... I don't really know how to enplane it but I LOVED it! They also make some great prescription eyeglasses if you need them.

Then like any good sunglasses I had I lost them.... then found them and now I have lost them again! So now I have to get some more. Best thing is... my reader... that is YOU. You get a discount! Not only are the sunglasses a great price now you get them for 50% off! Now you can get some cheap glasses just use coupon code  GSHOT50
(50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded) link:

Oh you have glasses and need prescription sunglasses? Yep Glasses Shop has you covered they do normal glasses and Rx sunglasses.

Now I need to go buy me some more glasses with 50% off, why not?! I really loved mine and I saw some cute purple ones I have to get my hands on now! 


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