Ring Sling baby carrier

I have had my far share of baby carries before and there are a few that I like. I love the ones that have lots of back support. With having a big baby he can sure make my back hurt. But I can say that I have never using a ring sling before. The different is that a ring sing goes over one shoulder not both. You would think that this would really hurt your back, well not as much as I thought. If anything it did hurt my shoulder a little. But remember I have never used a ring sling before.

As you can see Noah's big ol' booty fit into it. He is 6 months and about 23 lbs now. The material is really nice, and comes in lots of different colors even a mickey mouse one. I got the brown and blueish, this way it would look cute if I ever had a girl. You can see all the different Ring Slings and see what one you like.

Now then I had a little of a hard time getting the top part tight. With Noah being older and really being able to around I want to make sure that he can't pitch himself back. I like to wear some of my other tighter slings when I am doing house work with him, but if I am just walking around it is fine.

Also one other thing I really like is that it folds back up into a bag like thing. You can also wash it in your washer. Over all I would say it is good, it is just a different feeling then what I am used to.


Fiddlin' Dandi said…
I've never had any success with a ring sling. I like my Moby wrap much better.
Manda said…
I haven't tried the sling.

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