Talk about a Steal! And a great sale Sep 4-7th!

As a mom we are always looking for good deals. Any way to save money is a good one. I have seen so many things that I would love to get on line but it is a little more then what I want to pay. I needed to find a place that really has some good steals. I am all about finding the best deal out there. Lets start with my new toy I got and I am in love with: Splash shower tunes speaker. I love to sing in the shower. You do to right? But I hate having to try and play my phone, most of the time I can not hear it very well. So I really wanted something I could put into the shower and listen to music. But most of the time they are $40 or up! Well not this little beauty I have here.

I got mine from And it works great! Now I can blast my music and even answer a call... if I want. If I did it would be someone like my hubby or mom. But really I have not only used this for the shower, I have used it in the kitchen when I am doing dishes. Steals has a ton of great deals on all kind of things. Not only do they have every day sales and deals but also one day sales. Take this cute one for moms. Pretty Pushers Labor and Delivery Gowns are normally $42 but for the next 16 hours they are only $21.59!

They sell just about anything you can think of from mom to baby to even household stuff! Make sure you come back every day and see what new deals they have. Oh wait I forgot to tell you. They are having a huge and I mean HUGE Labor Day Sale starting tomorrow.... Sep 4th till the 7th. Now would be the best time to start stocking up on Christmas gifts and with the steals they have your money will go a really long way.

I know I will keep coming back and buying more things. Without my hubby getting mad.


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